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Protect Your Identiy

EZShield Fraud Protection


With EZShield, you'll enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have help in the event you are a victim
of these three major types of check fraud:

  • 1. Forged signatures
  • 2. Forged endorsements
  • 3. Altered checks

About EZShield

EZShield works with partners in the financial services, benefits/payroll, insurance and warranty markets to help protect the identity of their consumer and small business customers. Our full range of identity and fraud solutions, including check and checking account protection, consumer identity and business security solutions, are offered on a flexible platform and backed by best-in-class service. This enables EZShield partners to quickly bring to market integrated identity theft and fraud protection solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of their customers.

Learn more at: https://partners.ezshield.com/

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